What Is a Charcuterie Board And Why Do You Need It For Your Next Party?

There is a new trend appearing on menus in recent times and it's known as Charcuterie. Charcuterie is very sought-after in farm-to-table eateries where traditional dishes are served. Charcuterie is the art of making meat products such as salami, bacon sausage, ham galantines, terrines, pates, ballotines, and confit. Anyone who prepares a charcuterie is known as a Charcutier. 

As with many other traditional dishes which are making a comeback the charcuterie dish is a culinary art that was developed by necessity. It was the method used to preserve meats in the past, long before the advent of refrigeration. Nowadays, you can also buy charcuterie boards online via www.danishwoodwork.com/charcuterie-boards.

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Similar to pickles, fermented veggies and beer brewed at home, broth, and the kombucha, charcuterie was revitalized and put in the spotlight by the food movement of the past. In general, when served in restaurants, the charcuterie is served as an appetizer board, with cheeses made by artisan and nuts.

The great thing about serving the charcuterie you've prepared at your party is that there aren't any restrictions! You can make the charcuterie as simple as you'd like or spice it up by adding dried or fresh fruits, a selection of gourmet breads and crackers spreads such as honey, olives, jams, preserves, or preserves.

It is also possible to keep your budget in check by setting up a small plate, or go completely extravagant with a large platter. The process of assembling a charcuterie plate can be done in a matter of minutes, that is why it is perfect for holidays parties.