What Employers Can Do To Prevent Sexual Harassment

Employers play an important role in preventing sexual harassment. It is the legal obligation of an employer to see to it that his employees are safe from any unwelcome sexual conduct in the workplace.  If allowed to occur, this does not only mean poor business sense; It can also cause poor employee morals, poor productivity, and lawsuits.

As an employer, you can take steps to reduce the risk of such harassment occurring in the workplace:

1. Conduct prevention training among employees and workers.

Prevention training must be made once a year to teach employees and workers about sexual harassment, to explain their rights, and to encourage them to report or submit complaints. You can search for workplace harassment training via https://harassmentalert.com/workplace-sexual-harassment-examples-and-how-to-prevent-harassment-in-the-workplace/

2. Apply clear policies about sexual related abuse.

You must compile regulations and policies regarding harassment of this trait in the office. The policy must contain the following:

o Definition of sexual harassment

o State that you will not tolerate harassment with this nature

o State that wrongdoers will be punished

o State the procedure for filing a complaint

o All complaints will be fully investigated

o State that retaliation against complainants will not be tolerated or allowed

3. Provide separate training for supervisors and managers.

Supervisors and office managers must also take training sessions to determine the nature of the problem, individual rights, and to find out how to handle complaints.