What Does and Doesn’t Come With a Red Sea Max 130?

Even a Red Sea Max 130 reef tank kit includes all the mechanical parts necessary to place your own personal coral reef system at home. In case you've forgotten, that includes the water filtration and circulation parts, lights, along hood/cover. 

It doesn't incorporate the reef soil or water treatment chemicals, as you have to buy those different. In addition, you need to purchase a stand for the aquarium or you'll be able to work with a sturdy shelf you already have. To know more about red sea max aquarium parts you can visit https://www.marinedepot.com/red-sea-reefer-250-aquarium-54-gallon.

red sea reefer 170 deluxe

The first part may be that your skimmer. This includes a grill also it removes organic waste before it can decompose from the water. Subsequently, you definitely get a two-piece (coarse and fine) filter nozzle. Then you have the chiller pump, and the access panel to get its tube. 

Additionally, there is a heater and flow pumps. Last, but not least, is your filter press. There are two kinds, ceramic biological and activated carbon media. Activated carbon should be recognizable if you've experienced an aquarium earlier, it really is what freshwater tanks use. 

The porcelain filter is actually a tiny porous filter that lets favorable bacteria grow inside of it. These bacteria remove microscopic organic material and help promote an even more real-world coastal ecosystem.

The Red Sea Max 130 lights have been all built-in to the hood to provide the very ideal angle of light. You will find blue LED bulbs for your use and just two 55 watt T5 lamps to light and heat the tank.