What Are The Different Types Of Roofs?

If you are in the process of thinking about hiring a roofer, or if you've already hired one to fix your roof, it's important that you get an estimate so that you can compare. In this article, we'll talk about roofing estimates and how they differ from other types of estimates. DLS Development is a family owned company, with over 25 years of experience serving Southern California. Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

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A shingle roof is made up of a series of small, overlapping sheets of plywood or plastic that are glued to an inner layer of felt or paper. The roof is then covered in asphalt or tiles. 

A tile roof is made up of large, rectangular pieces of ceramic that are sealed with a sealant and then covered in asphalt or tiles. 

A metal roof is made up of a series of thin sheets of metal that are attached to an underlying membrane and then covered in asphalt or tiles. 

Each type of roof has its own benefits and drawbacks. Before choosing a roof, it's important to understand these differences and get an estimate from a qualified contractor. Roof Materials Roof materials should be chosen based on the climate where you live and the purpose of your building. 

If your home is in an area that regularly has heavy rain, a tile roof can be a good choice as it is more resistant than asphalt or metal to damage caused by leaks, snow and wind. Metal roofs are available in several different shapes, including saddle-shaped and gable-shaped. Although these shapes limit the amount of space required for your roof, they provide extra insulation for the attic. 


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