What Are ELISA Advantages?

Compared to other immunoassay methods, there are many advantages of ELISA. ELISA tests are more accurate. They are considered highly sensitive, specific and compare favorably with other methods used to detect substances in the body, such as radioimmune assay (RIA) tests.

ELISA has the added advantage that neither radioisotopes (radioactive substances) nor expensive radiation measuring devices (radiation measuring devices) are required. There are many companies available that provide the best tnf alpha elisa kit online.

1. High sensitivity: High sensitivity ELISA is derived from the enzyme as a reference group. As everyone knows, enzymes are organic catalysts, a small amount of which can trigger various catalytic reactions to produce the observed chromogenic reaction phenomenon.


Therefore, this system is often accepted as an enzyme-enhancing system. ELISA allows monitoring of antigens or antibodies at the cellular or subcellular level, and quantization of antigens or antibodies at the microgram or even nanogram level can also be performed.

2. Strong specificity: The specificity of ELISA is based on the selectivity of the antibody or antigen. In fact, the binding of an antigen or antibody only occurs at the epitope of the antigen or the binding site of the antigen of the antibody.

Because there is a complementary relationship between the epitope and the antigen-binding site in terms of both chemical structure and spatial configuration, the reaction between antigen and antibody shows strong specificity.

These advantages of ELISA make it a useful biotechnological tool with many applications, both in research and in the clinical diagnosis of diseases or conditions.