What are Commissary Kitchens

Commissaries are rentable commercial kitchens where food service operators can prepare and store their food. A commissary kitchen in Austin can provide food trucks and mobile vendors with overnight parking and equipment storage. While rentable commercial kitchens often provide additional services for food trucks, they’re used by a variety of off-premise dining operations.

Many commissary kitchens are in warehouse-like buildings on the outskirts of urban centers where food delivery services are in high demand. These buildings may house multiple commissary kitchens.

Who Uses Commissary Kitchens?

  • Food Trucks
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Restaurants (as digital makelines for takeaway/delivery orders)
  • Caterers
  • Concession Stands
  • Pop-up Restaurants

How Do Commissary Kitchens Work?

The owner of a commissary creates a commercial kitchen that adheres to local health and safety regulations and pays for required permits. Premises dining businesses such as food trucks, ghost kitchens, and caterers rent and/or lease the commissary from its owner. Occasionally, restaurants, bakeries, and social clubs rent out their up-to-code kitchen spaces as commissaries for extra income.

Commissary owners convert commercial kitchen space into a rentable service, a business model you will often hear referred to as KaaS (kitchen as a service). Just like any tenant/landlord relationship, the tenant expects certain kitchen supplies and amenities from their landlord, who expects their tenants to abide by the rules and code requirements of their space.