What are Batman Comics All About?

The Batman comics are all about actions. It is based on the life of a character named Bruce Wayne who is a millionaire and has a butler named Alfred. His parents were killed in front of him when he was a kid. Since then, he stays with his butler named Alfred in his big mansion. When he grows up, he used to spend his afternoon coping with his father’s businesses. 

When he's finished with his daily work, he fights crime on the streets of Gotham during the night. This superhero differs from others, on account of the simple fact he doesn't have superpowers. He depends upon his bat and gadgets suit to fight crime. You can find the inexpensive and best batman comics online.

batman comic

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Additionally, it has a cape that becomes a glider every time it freefalls from multi-story buildings. This helps him land safely and leaves him to look like he's flying like a bat. Among the most used gadgets is popularly known as the grapping hook. This gadget is just like a weapon but includes a hook packed inside which is connected to a rope. 

Batman employs the grappling hook if he wants to make it to the surface of a high building from the floor. The hook flames into the atmosphere and moves onto the edge of this construction. This gadget is also used for speeding throughout the city. Batman faces plenty of criminals in Gotham who have firearms.

Batman's car, the Batmobile, is outfitted with a high technology computer that may scan the place for crime. The Batman comics aren't about the gadgets. With his discovering and crime-fighting abilities, he keeps Gotham crime-free. This comic book isn't like other comics that have superheroes, since this hero fights through the night and uses just his gadget and kung fu abilities.