Wedding Hangers And Their Benefits

A wedding gown is the most special dress for a bride-to-be. Such a special dress deserves the perfect personalized wedding dress hanger with name and date that will look great in wedding photos. A custom wedding hanger plays a creative and personal role in wedding celebrations. 

Wedding photographers normally include individual shots of the bride's gown and accessories before they are worn. The bridal dress is a focal point for these photos and a specially made dress hanger is just the perfect accessory to showcase it in all its glory. 

You can buy wedding coats & bridal dress hangers online. It will prove its worth on your big day. They provide hangers for both bride and groom. Make sure that the hanger has notches on both sides for straps to hold the dress in place. 

The hanger itself should be made from top quality solid wood to ensure it can carry the weight of a heavy wedding dress. The standard width is usually 17.5 inches which is enough to accommodate a small first name, last name, title or phrase. 

Wedding dress hangers with name and date have two lines – the date is usually featured on the top line and the lettering on the bottom line.