Tips For Foot Health

Foot care is an essential routine activity that needs to be achieved by all individuals to attain optimum well-being. Our feet contribute a significant part in our activities of daily living that generally involves walking, standing, and moving around. You can get foot care for seniors via

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The lower body limbs particularly the toes seem to support the whole weight of an individual bringing them to be the common overused portion of the body. To help prevent damage and encourage foot care, here are seven tips to promote foot health.

Investigate and palpate your feet regularly. Keeping an eye on your feet can allow you to observe any changes or foot changes as it abruptly fades in foot color, depth, temperature, skin turgor, and notice for cracks. Also, check for the fine refill of your toenails which will show sufficient blood oxygenation. Any expansion or change on the foot isn't considered normal and should be consulted with a doctor.

Wash your feet daily making sure to wash and wash in between the feet. Wet skin is quite vulnerable that is more prone to cracking and sores because the skin becomes inelastic. Be certain to allow your feet to completely dry by using a towel to stop the skin from impairment.

Trim and chop your toenails. Be careful to not trim your toenails to reduce skin damage and harm. For women and lasses who like pedicures and nail design, make sure not to extend the nail color over a week. Use a gentle nail polish remover to completely wash the nail polish. Extended paint will cause the nails to be brittle and might lead to certain foot issues.