Timber Framed Homes Vs Steel Framed Homes

When building a home you will invariably come across the choice of designing and building with a plantation timber or modern light-weight steel frame. Although some clients have a preference for wood over steel in the look of the home and vice-versa, we would like to share some practical information to make this decision easier.

Why wood or steel?

Timber and steel framed homes are typically used in the country where there is little access to project home builders or the block of land makes building on concrete slab impossible or extremely expensive. With timber or steel framed homes, you won't need to engineer retaining walls, subsoil drainage or compacted fill. Rather you can construct a frame supported structure or pole home right onto your site.

Most builders partially pre-fabricate house according to your design and send it to your block. Depending on the stage of the building you have chosen, it is either hand over to you to build with easy to follow instructions or carpenters can erect a house for you.

Though some clients might prefer the timber look, they might like to combine the two materials to reach a build finish they are most happy with. Steel framed homes are made of modern, lightweight, durable steel produced from partially recycled materials. All joints are fully welded and treated producing a very strong, termite resistant, true and lightweight product.