The Best Way To Help Your Tattoo Heal

Some people wait until the evening after getting a tattoo to read their tattoo care instructions and pay attention to what to do. The truth is that the best time to learn about follow-up care is before you get a tattoo.

Treatment products recommended by tattoo artists vary from shop to shop and sometimes from artist to artist. These are professionals with years of experience. If they recommend certain products like tattoo moisturizer and aftercare lotion 3oz and don't recommend others, there's a good reason for that.

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Once your tattoo is done, your tattoo artist will clean your tattoo and apply a post-treatment ointment, after which a bandage will be required. Your artist will instruct you to wear the bandage for some time. This is usually a few hours, but it can be more or less.

After leaving the bandage in place for the time indicated by your tattoo artist, slowly and carefully remove the bandage. Wash your tattoo carefully by hand (not a towel) with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Tap, do not rub when washing. 

Now apply a thin layer of the follow-up ointment to your tattoo, making sure the entire tattoo is covered. Do not apply too much ointment as it can moisturize the tattoo and keep germs at bay. Don't reconnect. Wear loose, clean clothing over your tattoo if necessary.

Continue to apply a thin layer of ointment two to three times a day to prevent it from drying out.