The Basics of Caulks and Sealants Provided By Caulking Contractor in Melbourne

Although most people don't shop for sealants and caulks as they do bathroom fixtures, considering the work that caulks do and their visibility, it may be worth looking into. There are many caulks and sealants available on the market. It can be difficult to choose from. 

Caulks do two things in the bathroom. They seal against moisture intrusion, and they create a nice joint between wall finishes and fixtures. Caulk is not required for all functions. However, it can be used in certain instances. You can also hire caulking builders in Melbourne to do caulking in your home.

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There are roughly a dozen kinds of caulks that can be used for residential purposes, but there are only three main categories for bathroom caulks, acrylic latex and latex. Because they are water-based, latex caulks can be applied quickly and easily and will hold paint well. 

They are inexpensive, fill in cracks and holes quickly, and can be easily painted over. They are not water-resistant or flexible so they are not a good choice for bathroom applications. Acrylic latex caulks have a greater flexibility than regular latex, and can be found in a fungicide treated version for bathroom use. 

Over a period of 5 to 15 years, the fungicide slowly leaches from the caulk. This helps to prevent mildew growth. Although they are more expensive than regular latex caulks, these caulks can be painted and used as general-purpose caulks. Siliconized acrylic latex caulks are also available, although the silicone content is typically less than 2%.