Kids Bedroom Accessories That Are Perfect For Kids

If you're trying to make your kids' bedroom more unique, you may be wondering about the accessories that are perfect for kids. Lighting is an important accessory, and you can choose from a variety of LED, acrylic, metal, and book lamps. You can even get a balloon lamp for their room, which is great for birthday parties! If you're looking for a more basic look, you can get basic shelving for the walls.

Color schemes work well together

Black and white is a classic combination that works for any room or style. While the hue is often too dark for children's rooms, navy is an excellent alternative. Its neutral hue pairs well with other colors, including white and cream, and adds visual interest without overwhelming the space. Combined with a neutral wood tone, navy will make a great accent color. For an eclectic look, consider a bedroom that features both large-scale patterns and natural light.

Storage is a must-have

If space is at a premium, you should consider getting a rollaway storage cart. This type of cart offers ample room for storage under the bed and is easy to roll away. It is a great option if the room is small, as the toy container is easily accessible to your child. It can also be useful for everyday storage of toys and clothing. Adding storage to a child's room will increase their sense of accomplishment, as they'll be happy to see their toys stored properly.

Decorative accents

Decorative accents for kids bedrooms can be a great way to add some fun and personality to a child's room. Whether your child enjoys colorful accents or antique finds, you can find something to fit the theme of their room. Kids also enjoy showing off their favorite things, so you should consider incorporating storage and display items in their room. If storage is not an issue, you can consider buying foldable wardrobes that can be concealed when not in use.


Canopy is an ideal decoration for kids’ bedrooms. Its versatile design can fit any type of atmosphere. A canopy can inspire imagination and create stories of a princess's adventure. You can even add lights to the canopy for an enchanting effect. In addition to this, canopies can be tied in different ways to create different looks. This will give your kids a more individualized and comfortable look.


Pegboards for kids bedrooms are a great way to create a creative and organized room for your child. Once limited to garages and workshops, pegboards are now becoming a popular home decor item. Pegboards for kids can be painted any color and make an ideal headboard for your child's bedroom. Kids' bedrooms are prone to clutter and pegboards are an excellent way to make them less visible.

Labeled buckets

Whether it's books or toys, labels make every type of storage better. A book rack lets kids see books while a toy bin keeps toys within reach. Labeled buckets for kids' rooms also make floor space more useable. You can use simple words to label toy bins. After all, each kid's toy deserves a place. Here are three great ways to use labels for storage:

DIY wall mural

There are many ways to make a DIY wall mural for kids' bedrooms. If you're handy with paint, you can make your own constellations, or choose from a wide selection of geometric designs. Geometric wall art is eye-catching and fairly easy to make. You will need painter's tape, a little patience, and a tutorial. The Eliza Rose blog offers a great tutorial. If you're unsure of how to proceed, follow Mandi's tutorial to create a 3D honeycomb accent wall.