3 Hookah Bowls That You Can Choose From

If you’re new to the hookah culture, the premium hookah bowl selection may be a little overwhelming with the variety of hole placements and sizes. We hope today’s blog will give you the knowledge and power to go out there and make an informed decision.

Egyptian Hookah Bowls-

The Egyptian bowl with bowl head for shisha is the most commonly owned clay bowl in the community because they come free with most hookahs and they’re cheap. 

These are traditional bowls that vary in size. 9 out of 10 hookah lounges will serve this style of the bowl and it’s an easy bowl to start off with to find your groove.

Vaping sessions with an Egyptian bowl will require that you fill the interior with shisha tobacco up to the height of your desired smoking preference. 

Silicone Hookah Bowls

The latest entry to the Silicone collection is the bowl with a single hole, crafted in the US with silicone material. These bowls are able to handle high amounts of heat and provide better heat retention than the lightweight ceramic material.  

When you’re ready to pack a bowl, just sprinkle the shisha around the spire and avoid blocking any of the holes, or use a denser pack for the thick walls of the silicone version.

Phunnel Head 

Heat management devices have drastically changed the way we taste our hookah flavors and these bowls are designed in such a way that no juice drips down.  

These bowls will usually have a large capacity for shisha and we recommend fluff packing the interior or add more for a stronger flavor. The heat management devices should be used with 3-4 pieces of charcoal depending on their size.