How to Choose the Right IVF Doctors for Treatment in Macedonia

If you are planning IVF treatment for your child, we would like to share a few things with you. First of all, the process of in vitro fertilization is very complicated and you as a candidate need to be very patient and calm during the healing process. Feeling stressed will not help you get the results you want. Second, the success rate of IVF cycles cannot be guaranteed by anyone, even the biggest IVF experts in the industry. Be prepared for any outcome.

There are some obvious factors you need to consider when choosing the right infertility specialist in Macedonia for treatment:


• This process requires the use of different types of specialists. So, if you decide to go to an IVF center, seek out clinics for specialists in gynecology, embryology, and even psychology.

• Special examination by a geneticist is required for quality IVF treatment. Doctors are responsible for checking for any genetic abnormalities in future patients. Therefore, the presence of this specialist is also mandatory in the clinic.

• A reproductive surgeon will always be needed as not all IVF cases are created equal. Some applicants may require surgical changes in conditions resulting in blockage of the fallopian tubes, endometrial lining, and some urinary tract disorders. Women do not always have a problem with infertility as it can also arise due to problems with a male partner. A urologist can review the causes of urinary tract disease in men and decide on treatment that can treat the problem.

• Clinics must have a good reputation and good track record in in vitro fertilization. We understand that 100% cannot be successful, but at least 85% of cases must be successful for the agency to be included in the list of Leading IVF Centers.

You can set your own set of parameters to determine the right clinic for you.