How To Immigrate To Canada As A Skilled Worker

Canada accepts about 250,000 immigrants from other countries each year. Among the most popular is skilled and professional workers. They are citizens of other countries that already have a university degree and a high level of skilled work experience. People who apply under the skilled worker class immigration competent in at least one country's official language, English and French. It would show that they can work at a job according to each job on arrival in this country.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will consider your application form for the immigration of skilled workers at the time you meet the following given conditions. You can also take help from the best immigration company for this purpose and click here now to searching out one for you.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Sun Bright Immigration Services

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Are you qualified to apply? You will be eligible if you have a firm job offer. You can also apply if you've worked in Canada or if you live in Canada as an international student. You can still apply if you do not have a job offer but have at least one year of experience in the same line of occupation you want to have in Canada.

If you want to implement using prior work experience in the category selected, go to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to confirmation of your job category included in the website under the category entitled. Your experience should be of at least one year.

You will also need to pass the medical requirements criteria. The first is to not have any conditions that threaten the Canadian public. The second is to have any condition which would be excessive demand on Canada's health system. It's important to note that you must pass the e-medical exam performed by a doctor in Canada listing designated medical practitioners.