A Complete Guide About Australian Permanent Visa

If you want to migrate to a different country to experience a beautiful life that's worth it, then Australia is the first destination that crosses your mind and you can't afford to skip this country from your mind. It is the 6th largest country across the globe with a robust economy and highly skilled work professionals. So, if you want to get the Australian permanent visa contact us today.

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Here are categories of resident visa:

  • Skilled Independent Visa 

It is a type of permanent residency visa, that allows you to live, work and earn a living wherever you want in Australia. The approximate processing times for this visa is 8-9 months. Moreover, it is a point-tested visa under which you need to score 60 points if you want to apply for Australia's permanent residency Visa.

  • Skilled Work Regional Visa 

This visa category has been launched by the Australian Government to lure the interest of skilled professionals who've the zest to do something big in life. The processing time for this visa category is about 12-4 months. So, choose the best migration agency that suits your requirements.

If you want to immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident then it's advisable to seek the services from the best and leading immigration consultants.