Why Is It Advised Not To Install Hot Water Heaters By Yourself?

If you've decided to install a water heater yourself to save money or to test your DIY plumbing skills, then it suggests that you might want to reconsider.

There are many reasons water heater installation is a significant part of the cost of a new heater. The safety list and actual costs top the list.

Safety First

It is possible to make a mistake when installing a hot water heater. But proper installation and maintenance can prolong the life of a water heater. Professional hot water heater installers take all the safety precautions before doing their job and know what is right.

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The safety concern is evident. A defective temperature relief (TPR), valve, or improper installation can lead to a devastating explosion. The cost of structural repairs can easily reach the tens or thousands of dollars if water damage is added.

The financial risk might be less obvious. Although your homeowner's insurance may include water damage, it may not cover a plumber who installs a water heater. This is a common requirement in many policies.

If the plumber is not licensed, water heater warranties from many manufacturers will be null. To register a product warranty, water heater manufacturers require that the plumber installing the heater has a license number.

Knowledge, Skills, Tools, and Materials to Replacing a Water Heater

Plumbers licensed are qualified to install hot water heaters. They have skills in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and building codes. This diagram by coggle.it demonstrates how all of these (and many more) are interconnected.

Licensee plumbers are also insured, so if they make mistakes, the plumbing company is responsible and not the homeowner. Ask for proof of insurance if you are unsure if a plumber is covered.