Do You Need a Hot Shoe Cover?

A hot shoe cover is a small protective cover that slides in a camera hot shoe when not in use. It’s main task is to protect the electrical contacts beneath from dust, moisture and grime. In addtion, a cover improves the resilience of the hot shoe and streamlines the contours of your camera. One of the most overlooked photographic accessories, the small hot shoe cover is an inexpensive way to save youself a lot of trouble.

If a camera comes with a hot shoe cover from the manufacturer, it is usually designed so it does not interfere with the switch, but a third party accessory might not be so clever. When possible, the safest bet is to order an original replacement. You can also order a reliable hot shoe cover for your camera from

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Many cameras come already equipped with a hot shoe cover, and it’s best you keep it on until you need to use the hot shoe for a flash, TTL cord or another accessory. The hotshoes today are a lot more sophisticated than the simple two-pin affairs of the pre TTL film era. 

In addition to providing complex flash metering communications, hotshoes nowadays double as connection ports for various accessories. On the Canon M6II for example, in addition to the five main flash contacts, there is a strip of 21 tiny contacts used to communicate with the optional EVF that attaches to the hot shoe.