How To Stay Motivated In Miniature Painting And War Gaming In Canada

In every hobby, I think, there are always highs and lows. Sometimes you feel very motivated to move forward with all your might, sometimes things go very slowly and in low spirits every day. 

Especially when you see so many other miniatures to paint. But when you think about it positively, it looks really good when it's all over. To get more details about miniature painting services, you may check it here.

There are usually several ways I can direct and motivate myself in this hobby. The trick to this mini-game of war and painting hobby is that it revolves around a cycle of modeling, drawing, and playing games. A rotating cycle to keep you motivated.

When you have multiple games, you all need to draw more thumbnails and explore different options for the army roster. For me, I have a game once in a while, it all depends on me and my friends in the game, time, and commitment. 

Before and after the game, I always think about the strategy of the game and how I can improve the army roster. It also leads to quick thinking as to whether it is possible to quickly assemble this or that new unit or paint it so that it can shine in the upcoming battles. 

Sometimes in games, we always joke that this device is not painted so it loses the battle. These games are the best source to enhance your motor skills.