Select A Cigar Based On Quality

Once you have sifted your options depending on your preferences, you want to determine if a cigar that you have your eye on is also of good quality.

Evaluate a good standard cigar based on the following criteria: Apply to all cigarettes, regardless of body size or shape.

high quality cigar

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Judge the book by its cover – i.e. cigar by his wrapper. The casing should not have holes or tears, and must not be cracked. You want a sleek and clean exterior, which means quality craftsmanship.

The cigar should be of a uniform color. It should not be seen, or have places that are important darker than others. You should have no mildew stains, making it appear (which are stored in a humid environment, after all). Do you want a single color, very uniform over the entire cigar.

Do not buy dry. If you hold the cigarette and pressed a little, you should feel firm and as he has some elasticity. If you see cracks and it feels dry too then avoid it. It has probably not been stored properly, and burns too hot.

Feel for a uniform filling snuff. If the cigar slightly squeezes every half inch or so, the filling should feel smooth. You do not want any chops or bumps, indicating a poor job of filling.

Give a good smell. You can guess much of what a cigar tastes like, giving a delicious aroma. If you're in a store, and a cigar is in plastic wrap, ask if you can give it a sniff. 

Hold it near your nose (but do not let it touch your nose – gross), and nice and deep breathing. If it is an attractive smell to you, it is likely to taste good too. If something smells out anyway, give it a pass.