What Is A Hate Crime

Our society is truly a mixture of different people with different ideas, religions, cultures, races, and many unique characteristics that make up a very dynamic society. Some believe it is this diversity that makes the United States great; others believe otherwise. 

The truth is that this diversity creates many challenges and often intense conflicts. As a result, overtime laws have been put in place to prevent inappropriate behavior. 

California not only passed anti-discrimination laws, but it also passed laws prohibiting hate crimes. Other countries have done the same.

 hate crimes

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Hate crimes are defined as crimes committed based on the perceived characteristics of the victim when the perceived characteristics fall into one of the following categories: 

(1) disability, 

(2) gender,

(3) nationality, 

Hate crimes also occur when the act involves damage to property or the use of force or threats of violence to undermine someone's rights based on perceived characteristics. It does not matter whether the victim actually has the characteristics perceived or not.

The civil penalty for hate crimes can be up to $ 25,000 in addition to other personal injury protection measures. Hate crimes can be jailed and fined. If the crime is a crime, the judge has the discretion to add an additional two years in prison. Courts also have the power to order compensation for actual damages and losses, including medical bills.