Why Does Gm Ignition Remembers The Problem?

On the surface, remember a massive general motorbike from the wrong ignition switch such as other safety withdrawals. GM acknowledges that there are defects in their products that place consumers at risk and issue a withdrawal of 2.6 million vehicles. 

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Product Liability and General Motors

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However, this automatic withdrawal is different. According to news reports recently at consumers, GM spent around a decade that failed to remove memories even though it had full knowledge that his ignition was dangerous. 

This failure to act has led to at least 13 traffic deaths and has triggered civil and criminal investigations on GM practices. 

The first report of potential problems was documented in the pre-production record of the 2002 Saturn year in 2001-2002. GM also knew there was a problem with the Chevy Cobalt ignition switch in 2005 because they opened a number of technical questions into the problem. 

In 2007, NHTSA threatened to open an investigation because of the report of the deadly car. However, only in 2012-2013 that GM acknowledged that the ignition switch was actually damaged, producing a withdrawal of 2.6 million vehicles in 2014.

It is important to review this timeline because every day GM fails to act is another day that the driver and passenger are charged. 13 Death of traffic-related defects may only be the peak of the iceberg. 

In this accident, the airbag failed to spread because ignition defects turned off the power to the airbag system. 

It is not clear how much of this death can be prevented if GM has issued memories faster, but some suffering injuries in the accident may not be proven fatal if ignition defects do not prevent airbags properly.