Know About The Differences Between Gelato And Ice Cream

People often compare gelato and ice cream because they look almost identical. There are important differences between the two desserts, which will be evident to you once you've tried them both. This Italian dessert is a must-try if you don't know it.

Gelato is lower in fat than ice cream. This does not make gelato a healthy snack, as there is still some fat. However, it might be a better option if you have to choose between the dessert and other frozen options. You should also know that the dessert has a slightly different look than other frozen treats due to the lower fat content. You can also make gelato ice cream at home by using a gelato maker from

Commercial Gelato Machines

Importantly, the lower fat content does not mean that this treat tastes less delicious. Gelato is said to melt in your mouth faster than ice cream due to its lower fat content. This means that gelato can be sipped faster than other desserts, making it more flavorful.

Gelato has less air than ice cream. The Italian option tends to contain about half the amount of air as the Italian one. However, gelato often contains around fifty percent more air than Italian. It is churned slower, which allows for less air to enter the dessert. It is also denser which makes it easier to enjoy the flavors. 

This is combined with the fact that it's served slightly less cold than some other solidly frozen options makes this treat much more appealing to many. Because of its rich flavor, you can eat it quickly and may not need as many as other cold desserts.