The Food Hygiene Certificate, Who Is It Designed To Protect?

The Certificate in Food Hygiene or Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Gastronomy, proclaimed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, is a training course for all food processors in a recommended 3-year cycle.

Such a path was unknown many years ago as it was considered natural that anyone who worked with food had a natural understanding of the dangers of food and how to avoid them, but times have changed. For further information about food protection certificates, you can explore this link.

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In recent years, food has been brought into the kitchen fresh from the field or straight from the butcher, often to be prepared and served within hours or days of receipt. But today food is taken to be processed, washed, packaged, labeled, frozen, refrigerated, irradiated, sterilized, pasteurized, the list of handling practices and manufacturing facilities around the world is almost endless.

The food that finally arrives in our kitchens today can be weeks or even months old and has been handled by countless hands in process systems, with hygienic control practices, standards we will never understand.

By studying food hygiene certificates or food safety labels, you will learn how the risk of contamination with toxins released by harmful bacteria increases significantly over time, and therefore the longer our food is in circulation, the greater the risk to the end consumer.

As a grocer, you have a responsibility to look after your customers and if your food is dangerous, you must comply with the law.