Bunions – Can Arch Supports Help?

Bunions, which are a common forefoot defect, can be very painful. Bunions are an inflammation of the big toe. The bone area is affected by a migration of the big toe towards the second toe and the first metatarsal bone away. 

Inflammation will result in a large bony bump. The big toe pushing into the second causes it to move differently. Your bunion can be caused by other areas of the foot, and your gait may become out of alignment. Poor foot mechanics and excessive pronation are two common causes of bunions.

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Bunions: Causes, Symptoms, Orthotics & Shoes

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Arch supports can help. Genetics is closely linked to the propensity for bunions. The underlying mechanical problems that cause bunions can be passed down from generation one to another.

Orthotic insoles are a good option for treating overpronation. This will reduce pressure around the bunions. Orthotic insoles, also known as arch supports, are designed to align your feet exactly the way you want them to. 

Pronated feet can cause you to push on the inside of your big toe, putting more pressure on the bunion. Orthotic insoles distribute weight evenly across your foot, reducing pressure on the bunion.

Proper shoes are even more important when it comes to bunions. High heels and pointed toes are two of the main reasons bunions form. It is important to have a wide forefoot. 

If the deformity becomes severe, it may be necessary to stretch the shoe or use special stretchy material. They must be stable enough for arch support and should have a removable insole.

Avoid shoes that make your toes narrow.