What Is The Structure Of Brainstorm Mind Maps?

A Brainstorm is a diagram used to map associated ideas, words, images, and concepts together. Brainstorms are also a tool and method for idea generation, finding associations, classifying ideas, organizing information, visualizing the structure, and general aid to studying.

Brainstorms are often used at the initial stage of a project and work as a form of note-taking. They can also be useful in collaboration work and team-building morale. You can also online brainstorm maps to ease your task.

Here's a simple guide to creating a Brainstorm:

1. Start in the center of a page and write the title of the project or topic by encapsulating it in a shape (typically a circle or cloud).

2. Think of relevant, useful, or related words or categories to the subject you are investigating.

3. Then, for each category, draw extending out of the central title (in any direction), lines with the name of the category at the end.

4. Now for each of the categories, think of any words that relate to it and draw in the same fashion as in the previous step.

5. You can repeat step 4 for the new set of subcategories or highlight words if need be.

The structure of a Brainstorm is as follows: major categories extend out from a central node. Lesser categories branch out of the major ones as subcategories, which can also develop their own related subcategories.