How To Wash Your Car Properly – Car Cleaning

It is a good idea to wash your car once a week to get rid of any surface contaminants that could cause damage to your paintwork. Do you know that most paint swirls on your car can be caused by incorrect washing?

You are likely to rub grit into the paintwork every time you wash your car. This guide will show you how to properly wash your car. You can also hire a professional car washing service if you don't want to do it by yourself.

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You can achieve professional-looking swirl-free paintwork with just a few tools and a few simple techniques.

Proper washing & drying

Cars that are in general use should be washed once per week. Your car is exposed to contaminants on your daily commutes to work and to other places, you might travel.

Car Washing Tools – Car Washing Tips

Paint can be contaminated by insects and bugs. Their hard exoskeletons can cause surface scratches and their bodies can also decompose, embedding in your painted surface and sometimes even feeding on the naturally corrosive acidic acids from the decomposing insects.

Washing time

Another effective way to wash your car is with cotton chenille wash mitts. The wash mitt's elastic cuff prevents it from sliding off and is perfect for those who love to get in there.

You can save time by hiring professionals for your car cleaning.