Arranging Wall Art Decor

Bring character and warmth to any space by altering the decor of your walls. By arranging framed pictures, mirrors, wall artworks, and other collectibles is an inexpensive method to makeover any space at home. You may browse to find wall art decor.

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Here are some ideas for hanging and arranging your artwork with confidence.

Arrange Your Art: The aim when you arrange your artwork is to create an appealing visual display that highlights the artwork.

* To sketch out your design, trace butcher paper templates that are similar in size and shape to the wall decor you wish to hang. Apply them to the wall using masking tape and move them to the desired position. Make marks lightly with pencils on the walls. It is also possible to arrange your work on the floor according to your preference before nailing it to the wall.

Sort your artwork in accordance with the theme. Create an exhibit by arranging the pieces according to the theme, and using the same styles and colors of the interior.

• Group similar objects to create an asymmetrical design. The trick to arranging the wall artwork is to create equilibrium. For instance, tiny pictures placed on a wall could appear out of proportion and appear to be lost in the vastness of space. 

If you own a larger mirror or painting that is sufficiently large, it will be able to stand on its own on a wall that is large. Symmetry helps balance the space and generally looks pleasing to the person who is looking at it.

* If you need to remove your artwork in order to paint it again, snap a photo of the arrangement to allow you to return it as it was.