Residential Architects What To Expect

It is important to distinguish the interior designer from the residential architect. First, redecorate your apartment but do not modify it in substance. 

While the second one can offer you to completely modify the layout of your interior by feeling the partitions or installing a staircase. Moreover, the residential architect is a prime contractor. He takes care of the follow-up of his clients' site by directing the various craftsmen who will intervene on the site. You can also look for architects in Oslo via

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Another major difference between these two professionals is the training they have taken. The exercise of the profession of residential architects in Oslo is conditioned by the holding of a diploma, while the interior designer does not have an official qualification.

Interior architecture and space design

The residential architect designs, structures and implements interior aesthetic and functional spaces by playing on volumes, materials, furniture, and light, taking into account the needs of the client. All in compliance with the standards in force as well as technical and budgetary constraints.

It's objective: to make the space welcoming, comfortable and functional, all in an aesthetic concern. Specialist in shapes and colors, lines, volumes, and materials, he can draw the walls as well as the lighting of a building. 

The residential architects in Oslo analyze the demand and develop concepts. To do this, he makes sketches and models of the project and a financial estimate. He draws the drawings on paper or a computer, in 3D.