Security Guard Roles And Responsibilities

A private security guard is a person dedicated to protecting property and people. All security staff are required to undergo the basic training required by the UK Security Industry Authority to better understand security and emergency requirements. 

To hire the best security services company visit Patrols are usually a large part of a security officer's job. Often these patrols are registered through a security patrol system that requires regular patrols. 

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The most commonly used form is the mechanical clock system, which requires a key to manually drill the numbers onto a piece of paper with a pre-printed time.

Security clearance is required in the United Kingdom. This license is referred to as an SIA license and may include background checks and/or training requirements. Most security forces are unarmed and have the same arrest powers as a soldier, arresting "private" or arresting citizens. 

When carrying weapons, additional permits and training are usually required in the United States, but in countries such as the UK, France and others, this is not immediately permitted.

The main economic justification for security guards is that insurance companies (specifically fire insurance companies) offer significant discounts for valuing locations that have a 24-hour presence. In fact, on-site safety increases the likelihood that a fire will be reported to the local fire department before complete damage is done.