Preparation for before you get started with your microblading procedure

1. This is a procedure that lasts a minimum of 2-3 hours. You are required to be relaxed and as motionless as possible. Even a tiny moment in your head, neck, and spine, even a wave of your hand as you address an itch will result in a major distraction to your stylist. He/she will have to stop until all your movements are done. You can even consult a professional from the best Beauty salon before the microblading procedure.

2. Mental preparation is important too: You have to minimize emotional upheaval and distress. Anything that makes you stressed will result in the clenching of facial muscles – your eyebrows will be furrowed and your temples and cheekbones will be tense. This can mean your artist has to leave the numbing agents and gels longer until they take effect.

3. It helps to have your social calendar freed up at least a day or two before the procedures. This keeps you away from social drinking, and the need to take pharmaceutical drugs or pain relievers. The use of ibuprofen, for instance, interferes with the topical numbing agents used by your stylist. Drugs make you jittery as they work on your body’s chemical balance. It’s best to avoid taking them.

4. Also, avoid taking some supplements such as cod-liver oil a day before the appointment. If you need a complete run-down of things to avoid, your salon will give you the best possible advice.

5. Stick to a simple, familiar diet in the days leading up to the procedure so that your body is relaxed and you can zone out without any heartburn. The same applies to the timings you keep. Sleeping and waking at familiar times keep your body clock running smoothly.