Plan the Best Holiday in Ireland

Are you thinking of vacationing in Ireland? Visiting Ireland on vacation or vacation is a decision you won't regret. Ireland may be small, but it is a wonderful little home country that is rich in beautiful culture and history. Ireland is a predominantly Celtic country with an interesting mix of ancient and modern culture.

Ireland has a population of around 4.5 million, which is clearly small for a country. It is divided into 2 parts – the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which are still part of the United Kingdom. It consists of 32 counties, including 26 in ROI and 6 in Northern Ireland. You can also plan the joyful Dublin to Wicklow day tour whenever you visit Ireland. 

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Ireland has three World Heritage Sites – Boyne Valley (a very famous battle site), Great Skillig and the Great Embankment of Northern Ireland. However, there are plenty of other wonderful places to visit when you're thinking about vacationing in Ireland. The landscape is absolutely stunning, with miles of pristine green space and fantastic cliffs where the Atlantic collapses.

Donegal Regency is one of the regencies worth visiting. There you'll find old Irish thatched cottages that have remained untouched for over a hundred years and a visit wouldn't be complete without a walk on the Donegal coast to explore this region of Ireland's stunning cliffs.

Your Irish vacation might not be complete without a visit to Dublin, the capital of Ireland – a city that has become very popular with tourists taking a short break in Ireland. It is a city full of culture, both in terms of music and art. Of course, the world-famous Guinness bookstore is here. In fact, the Guinness Brewery is number one among international tourists when it comes to holidays in Ireland.