Performing Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy Exercises The Right Way

Correctly performed rotator cuff physical therapy exercises can play an important role in restoring the injured shoulder to its original shape. These exercises will also shorten the time it takes for your shoulder to heal and possibly help avoid a surgical procedure. For cases where surgery was performed, these physical exercises can help strengthen the shoulder to relieve pain, prevent relapse, and also to heal much faster.

There is a big difference between generic shoulder exercises and rotator cuff physical therapy exercises. Shoulder exercises like the military press are used to strengthen the deltoid, which is the large muscle in the shoulder and does not strengthen the rotator cuff below it. If you’re looking for trained physical therapists, then visit the site cbay aquapt.

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However, proper physical therapy exercises will require only very little or no weight at all. The weight of the arm and its natural resistance is sufficient at first, and it works well to strengthen the four muscles that are connected to the arm and the shoulder bones to prevent further injury.

You don't realize how often your shoulder is used until it's injured. And unfortunately, its daily use can make an injured shoulder worse. This is why it is important to implement rotator cuff physical therapy exercises, as without them, shoulder injuries can last for weeks, months, or even years before recovering.

When performing rotator cuff physical therapy exercises, it is best to do those designed or recommended by a doctor or physical therapist. Doing the wrong exercises can make your injury worse. The shoulder and its parts are a very complex bone and muscle structure. It is important to follow the instructions of a physical therapist with knowledge in this area for a safe and fast recovery.