Oriental Rugs Bring Color And Elegance To A Room

Oriental rugs are a great way to add colorful charm to almost any room. Their intricate textures and patterns complement a wide variety of decor and furnishings, and they bring an elegant accent to contemporary room styles as well as more classical interior design.

An oriental rug or Persian carpet works well in a living room, hallway, or study – even a bedroom. You can also buy top oriental weaver area rugs collections.

Oriental rugs are traditionally made from materials such as wool, silk, or cotton, and the genuine article is a handmade work of artisans. Modern technology has found a way to reproduce some of the designs and effects of these rugs by machine, but nothing can entirely replace the craftsmanship of a carpet that has been lovingly made by hand.

The unique quality of an individually crafted rug is what may make a carpet an investment as a valuable piece of art. These carpets are the product of long traditions that are steeped in the history of different cultures and religious faiths.

We are used to associating Persian carpets with luxury and opulence, and it's easy to forget that the traditions of carpet making have their origins in the nomadic lifestyles of wandering tribes who probably made the first carpets as floor coverings for tents and to protect themselves from the bitter cold of winter.