Making Fused Art Glass Jewelry At Home Using A Glass Fusing Kiln

With easily learned skills, many people are making fused art glass jewelry at home.

Fused glass jewelry has increased in popularity in recent years, fusing supplies, tools, and classes have increased rapidly as more people have come to realize the beauty of fused glass art.

The melting is done in an electric hot glass melting furnace where the glass pieces are heated until they soften and are fused into one piece.

The glass is first to cut into shape and placed inside the melting furnace, then the melting temperature is set and the pieces will fuse as the furnace goes through its melting and cooling cycle. You can order patterned dichroic glass via

The glass can simply be fused side by side or stacked and fused or fused in other ways. Glass melting molds can be used to produce beautifully finished parts.

Being able to fuse and manipulate colored melting glass pieces in an electric furnace to your own personal design is extremely satisfying.

There's nothing like the joy and sense of accomplishment when taking the first few pieces out of the oven.

It can produce art glass pendants, fused glass earrings, cuff bracelets, glass beads, and many other fused glass jewelry items.

Glass is manufactured with a certain COE, only products labeled as compatible tested when using the same COE number need to be fused.

Two of the most popular glasses are 90 COE or 96 Coe. COE 90 fuses only with another vessel of the same COE and not with COE 96.

Among the newer materials is dichroic glass which is used in many handmade dichroic jewelry pieces as well as glass beads. Glass has vivid colors that change hue when viewed from different angles.

Dichroic glass is coated with a variety of metallic materials resulting in glass that when heated in an oven produces bright, vivid colors.

Because glass heats and cools at a different rate than a metallic coating, no two pieces are exactly alike, giving you uniquely fused dichroic jewelry.