Love and care for animals

Several people like having pets around the home, such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and hamsters. There are others, however, who have an earnest love for animals and are especially concerned about their welfare.

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Animals are special creatures that need and deserve the love, care, and attention that humans can offer. People who want to work with animals must demonstrate a great deal of love and patience as they have to learn how to treat injured and sick pets.

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People in careers with animals can play an active role in giving animals what they need to have a good quality of life.

Veterinarian medicine is a multi-faceted field of study, as the skills can be used in many areas involving animal care. Becoming a doctor for animals involves the same rigorous coursework that is required for treating humans.

The typical four years of college and an additional six years of medical school and residency apply, except a veterinarian in training goes to veterinarian school instead of medical school.

There are many areas of veterinarian medicine to choose from when embarking on rewarding careers with animals. A veterinarian treats injured and sick animals just as a doctor treats humans for injury and medical conditions.

People can pursue a less rigorous and perhaps less expensive educational training by becoming a Veterinarian Technician.