Know More About Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.) is a unique, non-invasive means of rapidly analyzing the status and needs of all the body’s organs, glands, and structures by manually testing a selected sequence of reflexes.

It is not, however, a method that diagnoses or treats disease. Contact reflex analysis is a simple, safe, effective assessment tool for analyzing the body’s entire biofield, including its energy levels, reflexes, meridians, quadrants, and various detox pathways. It can quickly determine the individual nutrient needs of any organ, gland, or system. In short, it addresses the true root cause of most chronic health concerns.

Even more importantly, CRA works as a powerful tool for the prevention of serious illnesses. We all know that a tiny leak in the roof can collapse an entire house over time; so too can “insignificant” health issues eventually erode the body’s fitness until it is overwhelmed with multiple problems. CRA can spot those small issues and help correct them, often decades before they manifest as life-threatening or chronic conditions.

What’s more, it is a very useful tool for determining the most effective protocols for correcting the problems. While western medicine achieves outstanding results with emergency and trauma medicine, it has proven less successful with chronic conditions. Because every human being comes into this world with a unique body, and a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, treatment plans should be customized – but how to determine exactly what each body needs? Conventional tools such as blood tests and scans help but are still generalized. This is where the techniques of CRA contribute greatly to understanding each individual’s specific needs and rate of recovery.