Know About the Cranes

A crane equipped with a tower is used to lower and lift material using a machine and cable. Heavy gear manufacturers and the construction industry use cranes in diverse activities related to the process.

Most of the cranes used in the construction industry are temporary structures or mounted on vehicles specifically made for transporting cranes or attached to the ground. You can get low loader trailers with full range manufactured by TRT.

The crane can be controlled by various methods such as infrared control, radio control, or a built-in control station using button tags or by an operator sitting in the vehicle cabin.

Standard hand signals are used between the person operating the control and the floor worker. Larger installations use radio communication for this purpose. With such a signal from an experienced crane crew, the load can be positioned very accurately.

Common types of cranes are railroad cranes, movable cranes, telescopic cranes, assembly cranes, rough terrain, tower cranes, crawler cranes, loading cranes, gantry cranes, floating cranes, and aerial cranes.

Cranes mounted on railroad cars or wagons are called railroad cranes. Mobile cranes are the simplest and most common types of cranes which, as the name suggests, can be easily moved to any location.

Tower cranes mounted to the floor. They are mainly used in buildings to achieve the best combination of load and high capacity. Telescopic cranes can lift less displacement, but can reach higher heights.