Is Laser Hair Removal Better than Shaving and Waxing?

laser hair removal

When considering hair removal and control options, there are multiple options available, and it can be difficult to identify which the better option is and why. We will explore the three methods of shaving, waxing and laser.

Shaving is used by both men and women to control hair growth predominantly in the face, underarm, genital and leg areas. Shaving may need to be done daily or as little as every week and is done through the use of razors. These have to be replaced and incur costs. The side effects of shaving include rash, ingrown hair, cuts, bleeding, increased hair growth, and hair thickening. The last 2 will result in shaving becoming more frequent and therefore an increased occurrence of the remaining outcomes.

Waxing is done on the same areas of the body, as well as the back but can be done either at home or through a beautician. Similar to shaving, the potential side effects can include rash, cuts, ingrown hairs, increased hair growth and hair thickening. Additional side effects can include skin removal. The positive side of waxing is there is generally longer between waxing sessions due to hair being removed by the follicle and taking longer to regrow.

Laser hair removal is only done by a qualified laser hair removal clinician on any body part, including those mentioned for waxing and shaving. The result of laser hair removal is that fewer sessions are needed to achieve the same results. There are very few side effects which can include some mild discomfort, skin irritation and redness. Severe and uncommon side effects can include blisters. Over time the need to attend laser hair removal will reduce and therefore result in savings on time and money.

The benefits of laser hair removal are above those experienced by shaving and waxing. In addition to this, it has been demonstrated that there are fewer side effects associated with laser hair removal which will ultimately benefit the user.