How Wine Experts Rate & Review Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are fast becoming one of the most popular subscriptions and reward activities associated with the food industry. The wine club is not a "rock" setting and there are a variety of styles and choices. There are clubs dedicated to California wine, and there are clubs that focus solely on champagne or sparkling wines. The choices are nearly endless, but it's best to research a few wine club reviews before making your choice.

Although most wine clubs use a panel of experts to make their monthly or seasonal selections, problems can still arise when choosing a club. Therefore, it is important that you do your own research or read reviews on to make a proper selection of premium red wine club. 

Covenant Wines Landsman and Kiddush Clubs

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The Wine Club review analyzes the following areas:

Quality Of Wines:

This is, of course, a key factor in the success of any wine club. If members receive unpopular or "open" items, they may not enjoy their membership. Additionally, each reviewer has good knowledge and experience of the wines promised by the club and can tell potential members whether the selected wine meets the club's criteria or standards. 

For example, if a club promises the best of California "boutique" wines, an experienced expert can point out the difference in selection. All of these factors can affect the overall quality of the wine delivered to the members. Typically, wine club reviews describe the traditional characteristics of the wine in a bottle or in a vineyard. 


Any wine club inspection must inform the potential customer whether the wine and educational materials are of reasonable value or not. For example, if the club is in the habit of providing poor quality vintages, the wine club review should be able to identify that fact and alert consumers to the lower value of the membership.