How to Make a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook has recently introduced the Facebook Chatbot and it is now possible to get started with an interactive bot application. When you create a Facebook Messenger Bot on Messenger, Facebook will get notified when you send a message.

In order to use your Facebook message to build your bot, you must know how to make it with ChatBuilder on Facebook. A Messenger Bot can include images and video, and it can deliver news to your Facebook friends.

But first, here's how you create a bot. First, you need to create a web page that contains your page content (in this case, a blog). Then, select the bookmarks option on the sidebar of your Facebook account.

Click on the Bookmark button on the top right-hand corner of your account. Once you're in Bookmarks, click "Edit." If you don't have any bookmarks yet, you'll be prompted to add them. Don't worry: It's easy!

Type your message and a couple of keywords for your bot (to be used later in the code) into the "Themes" tab. For your bot to receive the text messages sent to your email address, you need to add at the beginning of your email, for example.

If you're creating a bot for a Facebook Messenger application, your bot will be able to send messages to any of your friend's page. You just need to add it to your friends list.

On the Bot Menu, click Bots and Websites to open the menu. Scroll down and click Add New Software. Type Messenger Bot to the field provided and then click Create. The page will now be populated with a preview.

To actually build your bot, you need to use a tool called ChatBuilder on Facebook. First, you need to find a chat bot you want to install on Facebook. The ChatBuilder tool is accessible from the Tools menu on Facebook. To search for a chat bot, go to Facebook, type "chatbot" in the search box, and choose the "search" tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once you've found a chat bot for your Facebook profile, you can launch the chatbot application by clicking the link that is displayed on the browser toolbar. Click the URL bar at the top of the screen, type in "chatbot.chatbuilder" and click the submit button.

On the ChatBuilder web page, select the Messenger Bot icon. Once the installation process is completed, your Messenger Bot will automatically become available to your friends. The ChatBuilder tool will guide you through building your bot. After you've built a few bots, you'll need to add them to your Friends List.

Find the bot you want to add to your Facebook friend's list, click on the box where it says "Add this bot," and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. When you're finished, click the blue link that says "Save Changes." Your bot will be live on Facebook!

Build your bot and share your experiences with Facebook on how to make your bot, including how to build it, with your friends. Be sure to give them a link so they can see what you have done. Now that you know how to make a Facebook Messenger Bot, there's no reason to delay getting started.