How To Choose The Best Back Pain Therapy

Back pain therapy is designed to relieve your suffering. It will require that you find a good physical therapist that can help to restore movement of your body while at the same time helping the healing process.

They will teach you how to reduce the pain that is associated with this condition and how to possibly prevent further back pains in the future. Utilizing physical therapy as a means of cure and relief will require the use of both passive and active treatments.

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The first part of a therapy program will be to start you on the passive treatments. This kind of treatment is designed to help relax your mind and bring relaxation to your physical body. The reason it is called passive treatment is because you are not required to participate in any active manner.

During your back pain therapy program, you will be treated by one or a combination of different types of passive treatments. The different types are Hot and Cold Therapies, Deep Tissue Massage, Ultrasound and Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

Each of these methods will not require you to do anything. Instead, your therapist will apply these techniques to your body in order to help relieve the pain and fix the problem.

These passive programs are designed as the initial part of the treatment with the intent to get you ready for the active treatments, which is the next part of your back pain therapy program.

Active treatments are designed to improve your body's Strength, Flexibility, Stability as well as your range of motion. These are various types of exercises that will be taught to you by your therapist.