How to Avoid Common Tiling Mistakes

Too many times I saw a beautiful and expensive house renovation destroyed at the last turn. The Finishing. Getting the right tile for your floor or walls is serious stuff, and the choices these days seem endless and confusing. 

We have ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone, composite stones and glass that come in all shapes and sizes from 25mm x 25mm to 1m x 600mm and all of them. They can be polished, Matt, textured for non-slip, shiny, frozen protected, repaired to handmade.

So there are decent tile shops that will give you the right information like what kind of tile that best suits your needs whether it's floor tiles, wall tiles, wet areas, exterior. Once you have selected the best tiles for your house, next you have to decide on the tile installation. You can hire expert tiling professionals to provide you with the best quality tile installation. 

So the next big decision will be size and colour and Interior design consultant could certainly narrow this down to a mere few, but most of us will be on a budget so out goes the consultant. I recommend having a colour idea before you leave home and come back with 3-4 samples to look at in the lighting of your home.


Then please select the recommended tile installer from the tile shop or see some of your local installer reviews in maybe Google Places or other directories. Make sure they are registered installers of waterproofing products under tiles if you do a wet area. The right Installer can make or break the job as it will not matter how expensive or beautiful the tiles are if the installation is substandard. You will have to see it every day.