How Effective Is Denver Halo Salt Therapy for COPD Patients

When a patient is diagnosed with COPD, they’ve typically prescribed a standardized treatment plan including but not limited to supplemental oxygen therapy, a specialized diet, pulmonary rehabilitation, and breathing exercises. 

However, there are also many natural and complementary treatments for COPD, and one of these that has become popular is halo salt spa and salt therapy services.

halo salt spa

Halo salt therapy typically takes place in a rigidly climate-controlled room walled with salt blocks, where people inhale microscopic salt particles over a period of about half an hour.

  • It may benefit COPD patients by helping to break up mucus. Salt is a compound that’s known to draw moisture out of the tissue, so it’s thought this ability allows microscopic particles used in halo salt therapy to thin mucus in the respiratory system.

  • Halo salt therapy may reduce inflammation. It’s speculated that the antibacterial properties of salt may help to reduce inflammation in the lungs. This is because the microscopic salt particles used in halo salt therapy are thought to kill bacteria causing secondary infections. In turn, the removal of these bacteria may help to remove the infection and reduce the body’s natural inflammatory response.

  • This therapy may allow toxins and irritants to exit the respiratory tract. Therefore, this therapy has the reputation of decreasing inflammation.

Halo salt therapy is a form of complementary COPD treatment that may offer some benefits for COPD patients.