How Does Colon Cancer Appear In The Body?

Most instances of colon cancer  start with small clumps of cells. They are referred to as Adenomatous Polyps. In time, some of these clumps grow into cancerous cells. Cancer generally occurs when healthy cells of your body turn into "enemies" within your body.

Patients do not show any signs of early disease until actual cancer cells have formed. A reason why screening tests are the greatest protection against colon cancer that can develop into the potentially deadly illness it may become. You can also get additional information on colon cancer types by browsing online.

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The presence of blood in a patient’s stool could be an early indication of cancer, however it may also signal other ailments such as hemorrhoids, or minor tears in the anal region. The presence of blood in your stool is a sign to make the visit of your primary physician for a check-up.

Risk factors that may increase the risk of getting affected by colon cancer. Age is a major risk factor. The majority of patients are at least 50 years old. If you have a family experience of cancer, specifically colon cancer, may indicate that you're at a higher likelihood of getting sick.

Chronic inflammatory conditions of the colon may make you more susceptible to developing colon cancer. Colon cancer can be connected with a diet low in fiber but very high in calories and fat.

Diabetics may also be at an increased risk of colon cancer. This list could be expanded easily by adding obesity, high drinking and smoking.

Remember that these are only pieces which can increase the likelihood of developing colon cancer. This does not mean that smoking cigarettes (just to give an example) can cause colon cancer. Most likely, you'll die from lung cancer first.