Getting it Right With Woodworking CNC

Buying a new CNC machining centre can be an exciting proposition. With each passing year the speed and technology advance dramatically. Despite the attraction of CNC machines available in sculpted housings and exciting colour schemes, the bottom line of a woodworking company will only be affected if a careful plan is laid out for achieving the most from the machine.

Determining the purpose

The first step is to clearly determine how the new machine will be used. For instance since machining centres can route as well as drill, consider whether you need both. Also determine if you will need to drill horizontally for dowels, grooves for backs and routes for shelf standards.

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3 Axis KL-6090 Desktop CNC Router (24 x 36 inch) with UC100 USB Connection

Document the construction methods that are used and all the hardware that is required. Care should be taken to ensure that the CNC machine is equipped to ensure that the job can be executed. There should be sufficient tool spindles so that different drills can be used otherwise the construction method will have to be changed to reduce the tool diameters.

Also determine whether the woodworking plan requires whole sheets to be cut on the router, or if cutting is on a saw and the machining is to be done on a router. For nesting, a special table will be required and also a powerful vacuum to hold the parts in place. Since nesting machines cannot drill horizontally a stand-alone boring machine may be required.