General Information of CNC Programming

CNC programming is one of the most effective ways that people use today to cut metal and make other manufacturing processes. Many amateurs use CNC programming to produce work objects, metals and foams. CNC cutting machine has created a way for many people to manufacture or fabricate parts quickly and effortlessly.

There are basically two types of categories that the CNC program will fall into the point positioning point or the positioning of the continuous path. Usually, a computer can execute the two types of programming based on the sophistication of the software used. This means that the operator must understand both the processes to execute the machine.

Here is a simple explanation of these two categories:

Point point position – This category is mainly used when drilling, boredom, punching or tapping is needed. This is a process used to position from one point to another when the machine process is in progress. In other words, it works from the X position at position Y or as many positions as indicated and continues to go until the end of the process.

Continuous Trajectory Positioning – This category is usually used when using a tower or milling machine and is used for the outline (contouring being another name for this category). This means that the cutting tool moves in a continuous motion from one point to another until the piece is completed.