Fused Glass Art Is As Valuable As It Is Beautiful


You're probably familiar with stained glass, right? Well, what if you could take a multitude of colors, put them in a design of your choice, place your colors where you want, and get a beautiful, flowing glass artwork without the lead line dividers? Would it be a magnificent work of art or what?

Well, that's pretty much-fused glass art.

One draws a picture with several pieces of colored glass, fuses the pieces by melting them in a molten glass furnace, and once the piece is complete, it can look like a drawing or a painted work of art. Some of these pieces are very pretty to look at. If you are looking for the best fused dichroic art glass, you can visit ArtGlassSupplies.com.

So how exactly does molten glass work? How to do it

Well, basically, as stated above, you take two or more pieces of glass, usually of various colors, put them adjacent to each other in some kind of mold or mold, then put these pieces in an oven and heat them until they melt. . The pieces of glass are fused to form a single piece of glass. This type of art glass is also known as baked glass or dichroic glass. 

Several methods can be used to achieve this effect. A finished piece of dichroic glass can be fused multiple times for specific effects. Every artist is different. So it is an art form. Like a canvas-based artist, much experimentation takes place so that the "artist" can perfect or specialize in one or more particular methods.

While one artist may specialize in one-shot infused designs, another would like to feature designs that have been fused multiple times with numerous colors.

Jewelry is also becoming very popular, as is fused glass tableware, and dichroic artists can command serious prices for their work.

How much is CBS Dichroic Patterned Glass worth? Good question. As with any art, it is worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it. The more exclusive the design or the better the quality of the work, the more the art is worth.

Many resources can be found on the web, and if you have a gift or even an interest, you should visit a few websites to find out what is there and how you can access them.