Dust Collection Systems For Industrial Production Processes

Occupational health and safety authorities have established several mandates with respect to the proper collection and disposal of dust at industrial or production sites. The industrial production process is referred to as "Specific Operations" by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. 

Passive mechanical isolation device configuration must comply with regulations for specific industrial companies. There are hundreds of different powder formulations that can pose very serious health risks. This risk, if not handled as prescribed, could lead to serious accidents at the production facility. For example, sawdust or lint can catch fire in seconds. 

Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control System Innovations

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In such an environment, even the smallest open fire can cause serious accidents. In general, it is not wrong to say that the presence of dust in excess of the prescribed amount in the atmosphere is harmful to humans and processes.

How to install a dust collection system?

The best way to do a good job the first time is to turn to a professional and certified industrial ventilation system designer. This is a specialized company that is familiar with the industrial ventilation parameters set by OSHA. Failure to comply with this parameter means that the industrial ventilation system in your facility has not passed OSHA inspections.

There are several companies that, apart from building ventilation systems, also manufacture customer-specific dedusting systems in accordance with industry regulations. You can also hire the services of a specialized company to optimize your dust collector to improve its performance.